Looking After Your Knife

The Blade

Maintaining the highest standards in manufacture and materials stainless steel blade hardness is 54-56 HRC.

The blade has a sub-zero (-78ºC) quench after hardening. The benefit is a strong, hard and wear resistant blade with improved edge retention.

Whether for the outdoors or in the home, these blades are superbly designed for the job and, with a little care, can last a lifetime.

Steels are made in New Zealand by Cambrian Engineering from a special high carbon tool steel.

Knife Care

DO NOT put your knife in the dishwasher.!

Hand wash only and refrain from using any strong detergents on the handles. Store in a safe and dry place.

Carbon steel Blades should be oiled immediately after use to help prevent corrosion. Do not burn or overheat the blade when sharpening. This will cause damage on blade properties.

Steel your knife regularly to help retain the edge.

Only use the knife for its intended purpose a knife is not an axe