Outdoorsmen Knife

$229.00 Incl. GST

Outdoorsmen 15cm traditional carbon steel blade with naked, natural deer antler with uncarved handles.

Handle Carving, Blade Engraving and Brass Bolster Engraving

Art selection is from the Art Gallery page and costs are based on design complexity classed as ‘a,b,c’ – e.g. “boars&dogs_1a” is a design that falls in the $75.00 bracket. Please use the full name of the image you are after in the appropriate box – e.g. “boars&dogs_1a” in the box:
“Handle Carving (Gallery Art ‘a’) ($75.00)”.
Due to limited space, some pictures may not be available and/or if we do not have the design you are after please use the Product Enquiry form lower on this page or the Design Enquiry page to upload your design to us, as we can sketch and custom new/different etc designs.
You may use extra text/numbers under Handle Word Art and Blade Engraving and state that number in the appropriate area in the “Extra Letters” area.

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